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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an industry standard mechanism allowing recruitment agencies to view and expose all their active requirements to job seekers via the world wide web. RSS feeds can be indexed by the major search engines and candidates can subscribe to content updates allowing them to get access to your very latest jobs.

TriSys customers can view their jobs by specifiying the hyphenated-space company name in the following URL. For example our test agency is Opus Laboris Recruitment, so the RSS feed is:



The hyperlinks in the RSS feed point to the web jobs page which pulls the live job from the customer database:

Candidates can view the job, send it to a friend, or apply to the job via registration.

TriSys Web Jobs is an easy way to provide a high quality candidate engagement platform, which can be easily integrated into your existing web site.

Your web site designers have three choices to put your live vacancies on your web site:

1. Use the RSS feed to pull data into a simple display widget

2. Embed TriSys Web Jobs in an iFrame

3. Program content delivery using our fully featured Web API:


E-Mail us at to get your live jobs filled quickly.

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