Development Studio

We have introduced the development studio to TriSys Apex to allow web designers and developers to extend the functionality of TriSys to build their own business functionality which can be delivered to recruiters, clients and candidates.

Developers can create Javascript code to write business logic and HTML markup to design the graphical user interface for data capture and presentation.

Custom markup and business logic can be designed, tested and published to any device:

Existing functionality and data entry forms can be inherited and overriden allowing web developers to have their custom forms loaded at run-time. The custom forms run inside the Apex framework and can take full advantage of the entire cloud architecture to deliver global software as a service to both recruiters using the Apex application, as well as clients and candidates utilising TriSys Web Jobs:

The toolbox provides pre-built custom markup and code to quickly build and extend the existing application:

In summary:

  • TriSys Apex is a cross-platform cloud-based business computing platform encompassing a core CRM.
  • Apex runs on any operating system on any device and is available in all popular app stores.
  • The AWS back-end has unlimited scalability and can store both SQL data and any type of file.
  • Apex has been built from the ground up to be a cloud based IDE facilitating unlimited customisability and integration with any third party web service. 
  • It has been customised specifically for recruitment agencies who can extend their specific CRM using the cloud IDE.
  • Launched in June 2015, the Apex apps are stable and are used by thousands of recruiters, clients and candidates.
  • We are opening up Apex to developers who wish to build interesting line of business applications using the TriSys platform.

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