Enterprise/Established vs Apex/Starter

'TriSys Everwhere' is a strategy which we embarked upon a couple of years ago to allow our customers to access and manipulate their recruitment business data wherever they were in the world.

Our original recruitment software was conceived in the early 1990's to run on departmental windows computers including PC's and more recently servers. As the internet, broadband communications, cloud computing and mobile evolved over time, and more and more non-windows devices and operating systems became popular, it was therefore imperative that TriSys too evolved to ensure that our customers were able to procure their phone or tablet or web browser of choice, and still get access to their recruitment database, from anywhere.

Making TriSys work everywhere however, whilst ensuring our existing customers were not inconvenienced in any way, guided us in the direction of designing and building a completely new cross-platform client-side software application called 'Apex' which was released in 2015. The Apex application was designed to work with our existing cloud infrastructure using our new Web API which gives our customers full CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality using any of our TriSys products.

As Apex has matured, both new and existing customers have been attracted to its simplicity and convenience of access from any computer, tablet, phone or web browser.

As a result, this blog post is intended to summarise the important differences between our legacy enterprise windows desktop application ideally suited to established or sophisticated recruitment agencies, and our newer Apex cross-platform application ideally suited to startup recruitment agencies.

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