Building Recruitment Agency Websites with TriSys Web API

Whilst TriSys for Websites provides a highly functional out of the box recruitment agency web site, many recruitment agencies prefer to appoint and work with a professional web/app designer and build their own web site/mobile app. This works well for static, or brochure, sites, however at some point, the web designer will need to provide interactivity with the recruitment agency CRM.

Such interactions could be a vacancy search of live jobs, or a contact us page, or candidate registration. In this scenario, delivering the web request as an (yet another) e-mail to the recruiter is not acceptable as it creates more work for the recruiter and results in poor quality data and a sub-standard candidate experience.

The TriSys Web API is the solution to this problem. It provides an easy to use, cross platform, programmatic interface allowing web designers to pull and push live recruiting data from/to the back end TriSys recruitment CRM database. The API exposes vacancies which can be searched for, favourited, applied to and also candidate registration methods allowing candidate records to be created directly inside the TriSys database with full template driven automated e-mails and task alarms for recruitment consultants.

Web designers are able to make use of the API for data-oriented transactions only. They are then free to focus upon the usability of the web site or mobile app.

To make integration easy, we have created four very useful things:

  1. A fully documented Web API.
  2. A quick-start guide to live code samples editable and testable on jsfiddle.
  3. A step by step guide web site at which demonstrates each step to integrate the Web API.
  4. An open source Github project containing all of the code from the step by step guide.

Web designers are invited to take this for a spin to build compelling recruitment agency web sites for their clients.

The TriSys Web API can be used to build any type of sophisticated recruitment oriented systems such as:

  • Agency Web sites
  • Corporate Jobs Portals
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Job Boards
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Human Resources

We are excited to see what you can build.

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