2015 Release Track

Today at mid-day, we launched the new version of our desktop recruitment, TriSys 2015. This will be our eleventh version of TriSys recruitment software which maintains our record of bringing a new version to market every two years since our debut at the Recruitment '94 exhibition. TriSys celebrated its 20th year in business last year.

TriSys 2015 is our most powerful software release to date, incorporating a fully 64-bit client-side application which can take advantage of massively multi-processor operating systems with very large memory. It is particularly suited to both public or private terminal server farms serving thousands of concurrent recruiters. TriSys can thus scale and perform in line with the expectations of larger, established recruitment agencies.

TriSys 2015 has also been successfully deployed to the new Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft due in the next few months.

TriSys 2015 will be gradually rolled out to our remote desktop cloud customers over the next few weeks, and existing smart-client customers will be supplied with easy-upgrade instructions during this same time frame.

TriSys 2015 is completely backwards compatible with version 10, allowing customers to run both versions side by side with a fully automated database migration elminating upgrade costs. TriSys 2015 is effectively a free upgrade for customers with a paid up annual support agreement or those on a monthly hosted plan.

Also launched today, is our new TriSys Apex cloud hosted recruitment system designed specifically for recruiters who wish to use their web browser or mobile device, to access their front-office recruitment database. TriSys Apex is a zero-footprint software application which runs on popular web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefix, Internet Explorer) on all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS/x, iOS, Android) which connects to TriSys cloud hosted back-end systems running at Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

TriSys Apex is specifically designed for startup recruitment agencies who wish to progress from manual or spreadsheet style recruiting processes to a more sophisticated and powerful on-line multi-user database accessible from anywhere, at any time. TriSys will manage and back up this database service for a fixed monthly fee of £45 per user. There are no setup costs.

TriSys Apex is available at immediately.

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