One Month to Go

If you have been reading our blogs for the last three years, you wll be aware that we have been very busy engineering our web and mobile recruitment products and services to complement our existing Windows desktop and internet hosted products and services. We have used our blog to communicate our progress to customers, and this blog post is a summary of this journey with respect to our forthcoming announcements on 30 June 2015.

We first hinted at things to come in our April 2008 article for Recruitment International entitled 'The Future of Business Computing. Our subsequent Feb 24 2012 blog post entitled 'Exciting Times for Technologists', was followed by our analysis and customer questionnaire blog of 30 March 2012 where we predicted future economics of the mobile web.

We first introduced project Apex in a blog on 13 August 2012 entitled 'Project Apex: Part 1'. This was followed by numerous blogs posts summarising the progress of project Apex:

We announced our plans for Version 10 in 19 December 2012: TriSys 10 Versions and Release Procedures

The first manifestation of a true internet recruitment product was supported by the 23 March 2013 blog 'Starter Edition is now Smart Client'.

Our second generation mobile recruitment system was previewed on 07 August 2013 'TriSys Mobile: Version 2.0'.

The roadmap for 2014 was announced on 23 December 2013: 'Q4 2013 and beyond'.

Based on customer feedback throughout 2013, we announced a redesign of our web/mobile products on 08 January 2014 'Project Apex in 2014'. This incorporated the new Web API which offers remote secure access to data from any device.

We re-iterated our vision on 16 April 2014 'All Things Web', and announced the new version of TriSys for Websites on 30 June 2014 entitled 'TriSys Web 2014' which utilised our cloud platform, Web API and Apex codebases.

On 30 January 2015, we announced TriSys 2015, and supplied links to all necessary products and services which are included. This was followed by the 27 February 2015 blog entitled 'Project Apex in 2015' in which we supplied screenshots of the forthcoming products for web and mobile.

On 31 March 2015, we announced our release schedule for both TriSys 2015 and Apex culminating in the 30 June 2015 release of our new web site, desktop, web and mobile recruitment software products and services.

We are now one month away from the completion of the journey summarised in this blog post.

Thank you to all our customers, partners and staff for your efforts in helping us achieve this very important milestone.




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