Thoughts on Smart Watches

Apple introduced their iWatch this month and Apple Luvvies are predicting mass shortages across the world. This is pure hype, don't believe it. We are a technology company and do not know a single person or company who has bought one.

The tech press love the concept of a smart watch and have been writing in general positive things about this. I did pop into the Apple store to take a test drive and it looks and feels nice, but would I buy one? No!

The reason I would not buy a smart watch from any vendor today is because of these reasons:

  • The watch is not independent - it needs to be tethered to your phone
  • There is nothing that important in my life that I need constant updates to my wrist watch
  • My fingers are man-size
  • I am not an Apple fan Boi - I prefer open systems, not closed and expensive proprietary tech
  • I already have a watch which I use to tell the time, for other stuff I have other devices
  • Battery life is going to be a problem
  • The price is higher than a good rolex

Sorry, but I think that smart watches are not here to stay en-mass and much like the recent demise of Sky 3D TV, is a passing fad I'm afraid.

If you have bought one, please drop me a line and let me know how you like it?

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