Announcing TriSys 2015

We are delighted to pre-announce our forthcoming release of TriSys expected in Q2 2015. This will be our eleventh version of TriSys recruitment software which maintains our record of bringing a new version to market every two years since our debut at the Recruitment '94 exhibition.

Due to the rapidly increasing rate of innovation in the technology sector, and the TriSys applications' ability to self-update, we will also be moving to a more frequent release cycle. This will allow us to push business critical enhancements to our customers, greatly enhancing their capacity to supply great service to their clients and candidates.

Many new features will be added to TriSys which build upon the innovations we have progressively built into our current version 10 including our new Web API, SDK, mobile toolkits, TriSys for web sites, document library, image/photo capture, booking sheet, internationalisation and many more.

Expect to see major new enhancements designed to take advantage of the increasing power of both desktop and mobile devices, a new range of add-ins, tighter integration with social media and job board ecosystems. You can also directly import data from your legacy recruitment software directly into TriSys, saving you time and money.

TriSys 2015 will be completely backwards compatible with our current version allowing customers to run both versions side by side with a fully automated database migration elminating upgrade costs.

Microsoft will release Windows 10 this year and we already have TriSys running on a beta version of this platform, but wish to ensure that TriSys 2015 is optimised for all supported windows versions 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2008, 2012.

Further details and access to pre-release versions will be made available to selected customers in the coming months.

You can get started today by installing the free trial of our current version 10.

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