Observations from a Technologist

This post is really more of a diary entry noting some personal observations of things which are of interest in July 2014.

First of all, a great thank you to the team here at TriSys in Cambridge. We have been ultra-busy during the last quarter, moving offices and coping well with the significant increase in demand of our services. James is really flying now managing the full development and maintenance teams involved in TriSys' desktop applications. Joanne is coping admirally with the challenges involved in project managing numerous, global delivery projects we are now running concurrently. Peter is as robust as ever, working closely with our global infrastructure partners in continuing to deliver a reliable and industrial strength recruitment service, whilst running the ever-expanding help desk team. Alex is doing a great job designing web solutions using our new CMS and Web API. Jack and Wendy are both getting through an enormous amount of sales related work, and Sue is doing a splendid job dealing with our social media output for marketing. A warm welcome to Francisco who has joined the team in Cambridge this month.

Secondly, thanks to all of our customers, new and old, who are further investing heavily in TriSys' products & services.

Our products and services are very competitively priced, for a variety of reasons. We operate a profitable business at TriSys, and this requires us to balance out our workloads to accomodate multiple concurrent work items, which I believe we do very well considering the complexity of the systems we support and procure. We welcome feedback from customers who may disagree.

We have ploughed ahead with our R&D efforts during this month with both our CMS, Web and Mobile products benefitting from the investments we have made in the Apex framework, SDK and API. We have significantly more world-wide expertise in web technologies such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript, and these will stand us in good stead to cope with the changing universe of computer software as it continues to 'eat the world'

I will update you with further details on all our exciting new products and services in due course. 

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