TriSys Web 2014

TriSys Web is a client and candidate web browser portal to allow candidates to search for jobs, and apply on-line, and for clients to maintain their own vacancies, search for candidates and arrange interviews. Where web timesheets are deployed, candidates can enter their timesheets and clients can authorise these.

The first version of TriSys Web was written in the 1990's using common gateway interface (CGI) protocols. Subsequent versions used web classes, active server pages and then ASP.Net in 2000 - 14 years ago. TriSys defined its own web browser framework called Ideometrix to provide an abstraction over the complexities of ASP.Net and make TriSys Web more desktop-like in both usability and for TriSys and partner developers. 

Much has changed since those early days. Many of the original design goals are still very relative today, however many are consigned to the legacy category and are less important today than back then.

The 2014 version of TriSys Web is nearing completion and has the following characteristics:

  • Platform agnostic - TriSys Web runs on any server (or client) platform and is not dependent upon any Microsoft software.
  • It can be deployed on Linux, or any cloud based operating system, or any desktop or mobile device operating system such as Mac OS or iOS or Android.
  • It does not rely or use ASP.Net or any other server side framework or special services.
  • Because of its non-reliance on resource hungry server based 3rd party application servers, it is much more efficient and scalable.
  • Clear separation of presentation logic, business logic and data-bound access and storage. This allows for greater functionality, easier maintenance and greater scalability.
  • Full integration on-the-fly with popular content management solutions (CMS) from a variety of vendors. This allows TriSys Web components to be simply dropped-in to existing web sites.
  • Open Source - the code to TriSys Web will be available on Github and can be re-used by any of our partners.
  • Partner-friendly implementation - it can easily be used by our web design focused partners to bring full interactivity to agency web sites.
  • Adherance to industry standards such as HTML/CSS/JQuery/Javascript/JSON for client side.
  • Uses the highly secure and sophisticated TriSys Web API which provides highly concurrent and powerful cloud data services integrated with TriSys cloud components such as active directory, SQL Server, massive data storage, application business logic etc..
  • Uses the TriSys Apex framework which is a modern replacement for the legacy ASP.Net-centric Ideometrix framework. Apex is entirely written in Javascript and utilises sophisticated data-binding using the TriSys meta-database used throughout TriSys desktop recruitment software applications.
  • Apex data binding to popular data oriented 3rd party client-side widgets such as KendoUI, JQuery Widgets or twitter Bootstrap.
  • Generates white-labelled recruitment agency native mobile apps providing TriSys customers with their own iOS/Android/Windows Phone mobile apps which can be used for customer engagement and operational management of jobs, timesheets, payments, invoicing etc..
  • A range of new features such as job alerts, social network integration, job board posting and application management, 3rd party cloud application integration (e.g. SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle etc..)

In summary, TriSys Web has undergone a complete re-write, and is now a modern recruitment agency job portal framework which can be easily deployed inside existing web sites.

Here is a screenshot of the prototype showcase currently in development:

Please keep and eye out for the full release later this summer.

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