20 Year Anniversary

During the early 90's, the IT contract market was booming and I was approached by one of my preferred recruitment agencies to supply them with a modern, cost effective recruitment management system to help them cope with the demands of both their customers and candidates. The concept of TriSys was born.

On 5th May 1994, Technical Recruitment Industry Systems Ltd was officially registered with Companies House and began life designing and building software for recruitment agencies. 

The first version of TriSys debuted at the Recruitment '94 exhibition at the Barbican in London in October 1994 and was the worlds first windows recruitment software application - competing head to head with 'green-screen' dumb terminal and very expensive legacy systems from the 80's.

20 Years later to this day, and one name change later, TriSys Business Software remains at the forefront of recruitment technology, having poineered the packaged windows recruitment software market, SQL Server adoption and laterly cloud computing over a decade ago.

As we begin our third decade in business, we have numerous exciting products and services to announce this year, and we look forward to bring these to market soon.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have now completed an extensive upgrade of our global cloud computing network, providing faster and more powerful remote desktops to our existing customers, as well as a multimedia video and a press release thanking our customers for their business over the last 20 years.

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