All Things Web

Almost everything that TriSys is developing or integrating with these days has some kind of web component, whether it is a cloud database service, cloud storage, e-mail sync, social networks, job boards, open source code repositories and even cloud accounting software.

This is proof that almost everything new in technology is targetting the web - in particular the mobile web, or those products making use of web services.

Luckily we embarked on our webification of TriSys technology over 14 years ago with the launch of the first version of TriSys Web in 2000 as a client/candidate jobs oriented portal for recruitment agencies.

Now, as we approach our official 20th birthday on 5th May 2014, we have reliable and scalable industrial strength internet services delivering true business benefit to our customers all around the world.

Our latest R&D projects are being developed with a web-first approach, targetting multiple devices including phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, servers and TV. The days of desktop windows dominating the technology landscape are gone. Even Microsoft has this month released its Office for iPad, and announced that its new SQL Server 2014 is the most widely tested release yet - having been used in production on its SQL Azure cloud service with over 1 million databases.

Expect numerous exciting product/services announcements from us in the forthcoming months.

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