Version 10 Adoption

As more and more customers adopt the TriSys Version 10 platform, we often get asked questions about why software vendors such as TriSys Business Software, drop a small number of older, legacy features from their newer products. The following information may help answer that question:

TriSys continually invests significant R&D in bringing new versions to the recruitment software market. As the world changes, legacy features which were popular or useful in a previous technological era will be sacrificed for newer, more contemporary and valuable features. All of our work integrating with web services, social networks, job boards and CV services reflect the fact that TriSys is no longer an isolated departmental CRM system, rather it is part of a growing and powerful recruiting ecosystem which is accessible from a range of devices, not just a PC.

Version 10 is a new product which carries forward all of the design and usability principles of previous iterations, but has been re-written to take advantage of both modern and future computing platforms, both on-premise and on-demand. In particular, we have replaced our legacy and proprietary forms designers and programming languages with those which are industry standard and best of breed. Our software development kit is the only SDK in the recruitment software industry to build recruitment forms, actions and workflow, and our web application programming interface is the only API in the industry to offer access to TriSys for third party web and mobile designers.

Our latest roadmap is published here:

TriSys will never stop innovating or listening to both customers, partners, business leaders and worldwide technology industries to engineer and deliver the best contemporary recruiting system in the market for the immediate and future benefit of our customers.

We are delighted that you are with us on this journey.

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