Microsoft in 2014 and Beyond

On 4th February Satya Nadella was appointed as the new CEO of Microsoft, replacing Steve Ballmer who was with Microsoft since the 1970's after being a Harvard dorm friend of the undergraduate Bill Gates.

Steve Ballmer was seen by many as an under-performing CEO, however the revenues streams and share price of Microsoft during his time as CEO remained strong, despite some very poor strategic mistakes leading to loss of ground to both Apple and Google.

Satya is a 20 year Microsoft veteran, was born in India, has recently been in charge of the cloud and enterprise groups, and is married with three children. He has wisely chosen to convince Bill Gates to spend one day per week working with Microsoft to help shape its future.

Microsoft faces some enormous challenges in the coming years. It has to deal with aftermath of the Windows 8 debacle in which versions of windows were released which did not run most windows programs (Surface/RT), and the much hated 'metro' interface (Microsoft wants us to call this 'modern' but this seems laughable given that it will soon be history).

Microsoft continues to lag behind Apple iOS and Google Android in the mobile operating system wars, and it's purchase of Nokia has come under recent scrutiny now that some Nokia mobile phones are going to run Google's Android operating system. This is a kick in the teeth for the Windows Phone teams.

With the 'death of the PC' being predicted by many commentators, Microsoft has to balance its existing revenue streams from Windows which drive sales of many other products such as Office, Exchange, Sharepoint etc.. Microsoft has already announced much cheaper embedded versions of windows for small devices, but I feel that they will have to effectively sacrifice this revenue in order to make Android less attractive for device manufacturers.

TriSys will continue to utilise the Microsoft technology stack, whilst of course embracing other platforms as the market continues to thrive. Microsoft needs however to re-engage with its army of partners and developers and greatly improve its communications and strategic direction which have both been very detrimental to partners over the last couple of years.

Good luck Mr Nadella.

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