Project Apex in 2014

It has been a while since we blogged about our Project Apex initiative to effectively 'Webify Everything' at TriSys.

Since the last blog post and subsequent update in 2013, the worldwide economy has picked up further and the recruitment industry is also beginning to grow once again. This adds additional fuel to Project Apex and coupled with the maturation of the TriSys Web API, this means that the Apex technology is on-schedule for release in H1 2014.

The current status of the project is that our designers have now built the new user interface to use a flat theme popular in current web and mobile software applications. Our back-end cloud developers have almost completed the Web API which provides full CRUD (create, read, update, delete) programmatic, secure, cross platform and firewall friendly access to the TriSys SQL Server, file system and e-mail stores. Our web developers have chosen bootstrap as the basis for the web/mobile SDK (software development kit) to build the cloud-connected RAD (rapid application development) methodology we are using for all internal and customer facing products and services.

The net result of all this development over the last 24 months can now be revealed as a sneak peek in this screenshot:

This is very much an alpha release as of January 2014, but over the coming weeks we expect to be able to invite existing cloud customers on-line with their 'phablet' devices and increase their effectiveness now that we are well into the Post-PC era of business computing.

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