Our HTML5 Browser Access to RDP now has Copy and Paste


I did a blog on our HTML5 Browser Access to RDP See:- HTML5-Browser-Access-to-RDP 
and one of the feedback we received was there is no Copy and Paste facility between the PC and the Desktop. 

Our new HTML5 access now has the ability to copy and paste to the desktop.

You can grab a document locally and drag the document to the web browser and drop it into the desktop.

You can then go to "Start", "Computer" and you will see a new drive called "Storage"

You can open the storage drive and grab your file from the storage location and drop into your desktop.

To copy from the desktop to your local PC, copy a file from the desktop to the "Storage" drive, and select the "Cloud" Icon.

This is the temporary "Clipboard" for the desktop. 

Either select the file you wish to download, or select the "Download" Icon

When you log off, the clipboard and storage will empty.

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