Our new WebPC brand is now live. -

What is WebPC I hear you ask, well ....

The Web PC is your own personal computer running in the cloud, and is available through
your web browser from any device.

It is designed to be a virtual replacement of your local desktop PC, saving you the cost of
upgrading hardware and licensed software.
You can connect your Web PC to your favourite cloud data provider and run all your favourite
windows applications from anywhere.

Lower your IT Spend and have no more up-front costs by replacing capital infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale with your business. No need to plan ahead and wait for servers to be built
and individually configured, you can have as many preconfigured servers instantly available and
fully scalable whenever you need them.

With Pay-As-You-Go computing, you can Instantly deploy new applications and scale up or down,
depending on your current work load or demand, and you only pay for what you use.

How does this differ from the TriSys remote desktop ?

Application installation is unrestricted, so you can have your own personalised desktop and have this
backed up to ensure that if anything goes wrong, then everthing that you have installed will still be there.

You can set up a default desktop, configured exactly as you want it, then mass deploy the desktop to other employees.

Full scalability means that you can have your desktop configured as an average PC power today, then have the exact same desktop configured as a multi core server tomorrow for high data or number crunching, and scale back down when complete only paying for what you use at that scalbility level.

Have a look at our new service at:-

Don’t see anything that fits with your needs?

Then call us and we can discuss and provide any bespoke configurations to meet your specifications.

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