TriSys Mobile: Version 2.0

With development of the full read-write TriSys Web API now underway, the mobile team has been working on an upgrade to our existing mobile app suite currently available in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Blackberry World and Windows Store.

Of course, they insisted that they had a new device to test out the latest cool features of Android Jelly Bean, preferably one which was more of a mini-tablet than our existing collection of full tablet iPads and iPhone/Galaxy phones.

As we love gadgets, our CEO caved in and agreed to purchase a new Google nexus 7, provided we threw in the new Google Chromecast into the mix. We can now therefore stream HD YouTube [TriSys] movies from the nexus 7 directly onto the wall mounted office HDMI TV.

Here is a picture of the current TriSys Mobile V2 running on a nexus 7:

We are not giving too much away here as we expect the released app to adopt a more 'flat UI' theme in keeping with current contemporary trends, so please stay tuned to learn about the expected release dates (multiple app stores ;-).

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