E-Mail Marketing

CRM systems typically ignore the importance of marketing, in particular e-mail marketing. Many CRM vendors such as SalesForce, Microsoft and Oracle rely upon the third party ecosystem such as ConstantContact and MailChimp to supply add-ons which suffer from two major drawbacks:

  • Cost - users have to pay more to get e-mail marketing functionality
  • Island of Information Syndrome - the marketing data has to be exported and imported shredding your data everywhere

TriSys does not expect its customers to pay more for e-mail marketing, or have to resort to the inconvenience of moving data out into these islands.

We therefore provide, at no extra cost, a fully functional industrial strength marketing engine built right into TriSys Version 10.

TriSys customers are able to do the following using our application:

  • Import data from e-mail marketing agencies in spreadsheet format - for example XLS
  • Assign attributes/skills to all imported data to track the success of the marketing campaign
  • Create full template-driven e-mail marketing campaigns using Actions
  • Generate e-mail templates in .DOCX format merging ANY field from the TriSys database
  • Include in-line images, hyperlinks, tables, headers, footers, fonts - everything that Word can do
  • Create highly personalised e-mails using TO or via BCC as desired
  • Conduct sophisticated smart searching using the tags assigned to imported contacts
  • Preview the generated e-mail merge in the TriSys action
  • Specify note/history and scheduled follow-up tasks to be merged/generated and linked to contacts
  • Assign attributes/skills to all generated action tasks
  • Send via Outlook with or without confirmation dialogue or for large bulk, send directly via SMTP to G-Mail, Office 365 etc..
  • Capture all recipient clicks and record which link was clicked, by who and at what time
  • Allow recipients to opt-out of future e-mails to comply with data protection and e-mail marketing legislation
  • Provide a comprehensive anayisys of e-mail marketing campaigns using our built in business intelligence engine
  • Cross reference all future business transactions against the success of historic marketing campaigns
  • Keep ALL customer related data in one place at all times, like any modern CRM system should

Please take a test drive of our smart client to see this in action and try it for yourself.

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