HTML5 Browser Access to RDP

The latest standard of the hypertext markup language published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is called HTML5.

HTML5 has already been adopted as an industry standard by all popular modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

TriSys has now adopted HTML5 as a standard access mechanism to our remote desktop service.

This will be particularly appealing to customers who do not have a Windows PC such as an Apple Mac or perhaps an iOS or Android tablet such as an iPad or Nexus, who can from today, connect directly into their remote desktop without the use of any third party software.

This new technology is both convenient and inexpensive - it now comes as part of your monthly subscription, at no extra cost.

To start using this, simply click the "Connect via Windows Browser" link on the remote desktop page:

We have some example screenshots of this in action from these newly supported web browsers:

Apple Mac:



If you currently login to RDP using your desktop shortcut, you can continue to do so as this is unaffected by this new technology.

We hope you enjoy this new and convenient connection mechanism in future.

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