Paging Results In TriSys V10

Within the TriSys application where a user runs a Look up or Search for certain record types the information is returned as a list within a grid.  

The grids in TriSys are designed to return information a page at a time.  Paging is designed to speed up the return of results allowing a user to work with large data sets.  

In the top left of the results grid the user will see “Page X of Y” followed by the total number of records that match the criteria in the example shown below Page 1 of 12 is displayed with the first 50 rows, the total number records that match the criteria is 597.

The User can step forwards and backwards through the pages of the results using the forward and back arrows. 

On occasions a user requires the full data set in one page such as for mail merging everyone in one go.  NB: Normal e-mail protocol should still be followed to avoid getting reported as SPAM or blocked by e-mail servers.

To increase the number of rows per page from the Ribbon the user needs to go to Tools>User Options. 

Within the User Options select Grid Management click on the dropdown shown to select the number of rows per page that are returned in the results grid.

It is advisable to close TriSys and reopen it then rerun the Lookup or Search to populate the results grid again.  Having run the same search as earlier notice how the top right of the grid now shows “Page 1 or 1” with the same total of 597 records.

NB: Removing Paging when working with large datasets is likely to slow the speed at which the results are returned to the grid.


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