More Snow, Pi Revisited And The Death Of Starter Edition

Hasn't the weather once again challenged us

Deep snow hit again over the weekend, so I thought I would revisit the Pi for a while

When Garry saw the last Pi blog I did, he went out and brought a Pi case

What my altered iPod case did show was the relative size of the Pi

And after taking some stick for my tablecloth (Whats wrong with my tablecloth?)

I wanted to test with a standard Microsoft Desktop (Tablecloth Not Included)




Windows 2008 R2 Small

Disclaimer: No Tablecloths were harmed in the making of this blog

The breaking news over the weekend was the end of life of our Version 10 Starter Edition

Version 10 starter edition is dead, "Long live Version 10 Starter Editon"

The developer guys have been hard at work over the last 18 months and Version 10 is now an Enterprise product, and is being released as "Smart Client"

We will still support our current Version 10 Starter edition customers, however new customers will now get "Version 10 Smart Client".

Garry's blog explains this :-

TriSys Version 10 is now available as a 'smart client', which is downloadable and installable on a windows desktop computer, however all data is held in the cloud at either Amazon, Microsoft or Google. TriSys V10 Smart Client is highly integrated with Microsoft Office and performs very responsively, even where broadband speeds are mediocre. No web browser, security restrictions or complex add-ins are required. It just works.

That explains it in a nutshell.

For further information and videos on our "Version 10 Smart Client", see:-

To download the trial version click here

To view the release notes click here

Were all excited at the features included in Version 10 Smart Client and we hope you will be too.

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