Starter Edition is now Smart Client

We are no longer offering TriSys V10 Starter Edition to new customers. Existing customers however will be able to continue to enjoy the starter edition and subscription prices have been frozen.

Starter edition was first released 18 months ago, and during that time we have continued innovating at a rapid pace and as a result, Version 10 is no longer an entry level recruitment software CRM application, rather it is a sophisticated and extremely powerful enterprise business system.

We recognise that in todays economy, the majority of startup recruitment agencies require a basic, rudimentary, easy to use, non-customisable and most importantly for them, a low cost recruitment system. Whilst the original TriSys starter edition fitted into this model very well indeed, the current offering is now too sophisticated and no longer matches the requirements of one or two man startup recruitment agencies.

Now that Version 10 has evolved into an enterprise capable product with a large and growing customer base demonstrating extensive return on investment (ROI), we are therefore going to focus on recruitment agencies which would most benefit from a comprehensive, powerful, scalable and highly customisable recruitment software system which addresses their sophisticated business model and helps them compete and win in their chosen area of specialisation.

We recognise that there are a small number of startup recruitment agencies who have the ambition and foresight to invest in a comprehensive recruitment system, and it is these customers together with those more established and successful recruitment agencies to which we wish to deliver TriSys Version 10 in future.

TriSys Version 10 is now available as a 'smart client', which is downloadable and installable on a windows desktop computer, however all data is held in the cloud at either Amazon, Microsoft or Google. TriSys V10 Smart Client is highly integrated with Microsoft Office and performs very responsively, even where broadband speeds are mediocre. No web browser, security restrictions or complex add-ins are required. It just works.

We will continue to deliver TriSys both on-premise and on-demand and will be working hard over the next few months to innovate in this space and deliver yet higher levels of customer service by way of both technology products, support and consultancy. In particular we will be offering Version 10 to our existing remote desktop customers via our new universal client access mechanism which will enable customers using Apple Mac, iOS, Android, Windows phone or Blackberry to access their TriSys system from any device in any location.

Please follow our progress on twitter or our V10 release notes in order to understand the amount of innovation we have engineered into V10 over the last 18 months.

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