Tidying Up The "G Drive"

At this time of year "A Tidy Up" of files can happen with our customers. However, the TriSys application can fail if files or folders are not where they are expected to be after the Tidy up.

These Are Main TriSys Version 7 and Version 8 Folders

ActionsV7 Contains Action template files
Back Office Contains Back Office files
CVArchive Contains Archived CVs
CVData Contains all CVs
Dashboard Contains Dashboard files
E-Mail Contains copies of emails processed to TriSys via Outlook
Exchange Export Holds history attachments for emails synchronized to TriSys
Formatted CVs Contains Formatted CV files
Help Contains Help Files
Icons Contains Icon files for TriSys
Images Contains image files
Incoming CVs Folder for Incoming CV Files
Ini Contains login configuration files for TriSys
Job Descriptions Contains any Job Description files
Macro Contains TriSys Word macro files
Multimedia Contains any Multimedia files
Setup Contains TriSys setup files
TriSysWeb Contains email templates for the TriSys web module


Please do not Move, Remove or Rename any of these folders



We would like to thank all of our customers for choosing to run their recruitment business through the TriSys Software Suite and look forward to the challenges for 2013.

Look Out For Version 10 Coming To A Desktop Near You.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Very Prosperous New Year

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