TriSys 10 Versions and Release Procedures

We are in a very busy period in the transitioning of the new TriSys version 10 recruitment software application from a starter-edition product to an enterprise level service. This blog post explains what we are doing, why and how. It provides further detail to our roadmap which was published in March 2012.


We built the software development kit for version 10 in 2010 and have been enhancing this ever since. It is a full visual studio 2010 toolbox and framework for building .Net cloud based line of business (LOB) windows applications. This SDK is the basis for all version 10 software applications including our CRM application we use in-house for managing our sales & marketing, support ticketing, web site, cloud services, invoicing and accounts integration. We also used this SDK to build starter edition and are using it for enterprise too. Sophisticated recruitment agencies, and partners, are also using our SDK to build complex recruitment products and services.

V10 Starter Edition

This product was released to market in 2011 and is designed for startup recruitment agencies who require very basic front-office recruitment software functionality. This is an 'off-the-shelf' software application which is downloaded from the internet and installed on a windows PC. All data services are held in the cloud. The retail price is £50 per user per month. Starter edition is available on-demand only.

V10 Enterprise Edition

This product uses the enhanced SDK and starter edition as its core platform, however it is designed for mature recruitment agencies who wish to benefit from a full agency management system to orchestrate their entire recruitment activities from a powerful CRM/ERP packaged service. Enterprise edition is available both on-demand and on-premise. On-demand prices will be between £75 and £150 per user per month depending upon additional services required (e.g. remote desktop, e-mail, additional disk space, 3rd party integration etc..). On-premise pricing will be between £750 and £995 per license. We will be going live with a number of enterprise customers in Q1 2013, after which this product will be officially available to all customers.

V10 ASP/Remote Desktop

Existing V8 ASP customers will be able to start using V10 at the end of Q1 2013 when it is made available on TriSys remote desktops. Existing customers with Microsoft Office on their PC are also be able to choose to use the V10 smart client, obviating the need to use RDP, and saving money whilst increasing performance.

V10 Release Procedure

We are agressively releasing updates to V10 which are automatically installed on startup. We are documenting all enhancements in our release notes, as well as showing some new features on our YouTube channel. Our approach is to release often; every day during busy periods. Our automated build system ensures that we are able to quickly test enhancements and deliver these to our cloud systems for rapid deployment to our customers. In 2013, this will enable us to support our large customer base as they all transition to V10 from legacy versions of TriSys.

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