Announcing the TriSys SDK

We began developing the next generation of cloud enabled recruitment software in 2010 - version 10. In the two years since commencing this groundbreaking project, we have completely re-engineered our technology by building a recruitment software development kit (SDK) using the Microsoft .Net Framework as its foundation.

Our SDK is a suite of tools which are completely integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio, and they provide a robust framework to quickly build cloud enabled recruitment software functionality using advanced point and click smart tags. Developers are able to work alongside designers to write business logic code in C# or Visual Basic and use the full intellisense and debugging capabilities of Visual Studio.

The current version of TriSys is actually built using this same SDK. This is the ultimate in 'eating our own dogfood' and we are now making this SDK available to customers and partners to build their own advanced fully cloud enabled recruitment software systems.

Please click here to learn more about the TriSys SDK.

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