Project Apex: Part 10

The last few weeks has seen enormous activity in the web development group, as they tackled ths most challenging aspect of TriSys - providing run-time form designing of complex business forms. Whilst this is a tough enough engineering exercise in a traditional windows application, it is much more difficult to do this in a web browser using HTML, Ajax and CSS.

We started off by utilising multiple nested splitters to allow the designer to draw field regions as shown below:

We then progressed to provide draggable and dockable field boxes which could be positioned and docked inside any splitter region:

In order to allow designers to create the splitter layout, we wrote components for splitter design:

We are now working on bringing the SDK toolbox into the browser based form designer to allow true drag/drop business form design.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 2013:

Apex was put on-hold because browser technology is not yet performant or reliable enough for an industrial strength line of business application - take a look at todays competing browser CRM systems - they simply do not come close to the reliability, speed, extensibility and functionality of TriSys desktop solutions or TriSys delivered as a remote desktop via an HTML5 web browser. It is likely that this project will be resurrected in 2014 when the TriSys Web API and Mobile V2 technologies are completed and browser innovations improve todays issues.

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