Project Apex: Part 9

Last week we introduced the flexible declarative grid which allows developers/designers to simply declare a SQL statement and column layout to gain full grid functionality such as population, paging, sorting, grouping and filtering. It is also hyperlinkable with fingers on touch devices such as iPad and iPhone.

This week we have standardised the modal dialogues using jquery style popups. This is the user options dialogue which is opened after clicking the ribbon button:

This dialogue can be moved around the screen thus mimicking the windows forms approach used in windows desktop applications.

This form is invoked from a powerful Javascript client-side function:

openModalPopupClientSideFromJavascript("User Options",
                                        520, 600);


We have also added AJAX style client-side waiting animations to the login process to let the end-user know that an operation is in progress:

Typically login will take only a few seconds, but it is important to let the end-user know that something is happening at all times.

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