Project Apex: Part 8

Created the very important ctrlGrid component which is used throughout the application and allows developers to rapidly declare and specify powerful grids with full support for any SQL statement, column sorting, grouping, filtering, moving.

Here is the first usable version complete with integrated toolbar:

This also shows how to select additional fields to be dragged onto the grid at run-time.

This is a more detailed view showing grid paging in operation:

This uses complex client-side Javascript to render the grid dynamically when the browser is resized. The grid also remembers each end-users configuration of the grid including column sizes/ordering/sorting and filtering. These are stored as cookies and make it very user-friendly as they can have their data displayed exactly as they want it.

The declarative nature of this grid is very easy for web designers to use as shown in this example:

<trisys:ctrlGrid ID="grdPlacements" runat="server" 

            SQLCommand="Select PlacementId, Reference, PlacementType as 'Type',
	                        JobTitle as 'Job Title', Candidate, Skill as 'Status',
	                        Client, Company, PlacementDate as 'Start Date'
                        from v_WEB_PlacementSearch
                        Order by PlacementDate desc"
            RedirectURL="~/Pages/Placement.aspx?PlacementId="   > 

            <trisysGridColumn:GridColumn FieldName="PlacementId"    Width="100"      Visible="false"              
                                            Hyperlinked="true" DisplayFormat="#,###,###,###,##0"        />
            <trisysGridColumn:GridColumn FieldName="Reference"      Width="100"      VisibleIndex="0"                 
                                            Hyperlinked="true"                                          />
            <trisysGridColumn:GridColumn FieldName="Type"           Width="100"      VisibleIndex="1"   />
            <trisysGridColumn:GridColumn FieldName="Job Title"      Width="200"      VisibleIndex="2"   />
            <trisysGridColumn:GridColumn FieldName="Candidate"      Width="150"      VisibleIndex="3"   />
            <trisysGridColumn:GridColumn FieldName="Status"         Width="100"      VisibleIndex="4"   />
            <trisysGridColumn:GridColumn FieldName="Client"         Width="150"      VisibleIndex="5"   />
            <trisysGridColumn:GridColumn FieldName="Company"        Width="150"      VisibleIndex="6"   />
            <trisysGridColumn:GridColumn FieldName="Start Date"     Width="140"      VisibleIndex="7"   
                                            Alignment="right"   DisplayFormat="dd MMM yyyy"             />


As such, we are able to quickly port the existing SQL queries from V10 and get many of the lookup forms operational.

This will keep us busy over the next week, but we have also been working on system options which we will write about next time.

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