Project Apex: Part 7

Last week we introduced JQuery and client-side Javascript for maximum responsiveness to mimic our traditional windows desktop applications. This week we have connected the product to the back-end SQL Server database using our Business Objects Layer (BOL), and enhanced the forms framework to support contextual ribbon tabs, which are form specific ribbon tabs which only appear when the form is loaded.

This is the initial contextual tabs for the contact form as they will appear when the contact form is visible:

These contextual ribbon tabs become active and visible when the underlying form is visible as demonstrated in this early contact lookup form:

This form shows a DevExpress data grid which is connected to the logged in user database via the BOL and shows underlying test data from our OpusNet database server hosted at Amazon.

We are now working on the ctrlGrid SDK control which will abstract the underlying third party control and allow developers to rapidly build grids to work directly from the BOL. More on this next week.

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