Having The Right Information


Good data can make the difference between inefficient operations and cost savings, misleading results and effective decision-making, failure and success.

Your TriSys database is no exception, allowing users to 'do their own thing' means that everything is ad-hoc and makes any kind of reporting or searching very difficult.

Using the TriSys application in a uniformed way across your business can help your business see what is going on.

To achieve this there are certain things that need to be considered:

1. The importance of Training - Training plays an essential role in developing a highly-skilled and productive workforce. But it is a costly investment, and one that can quickly disappear down the drain if not retained, applied and refreshed.

2. System Administration - having an administrator with a good understanding of the application and how it works, who can customise work flows and support your consultants is important.

3. Measuring the quality of data and output - Whether using TriSys standard reports, Searches or Business Intelligence, adding customised reports or going to an external supplier such as Saber it is the quality of the data that is important or the information produced is worthless.

We see quite often how information can get lost in a company, you have a good user who trains the new employees but then they leave and a lot of their knowledge leaves with them.  Some of the best information we have seen coming out of customers systems is where they have a dedicated trainer who trains and follows up with all new recruits, building the knowledge of the consultant.  This means that everyone is using the system in the same way making the reports the business use for analysing there business valuable.

Another excuse often heard is I don't have the time, but with the right training and the right setup the system will save you time if the effort is put in to begin with.

Important areas often overlooked in TriSys are Actions, these are configurable to record information how you want it recorded which is then accessible to measure in the different ways listed above.  Actions save consultants time by updating the different records with historic note and scheduled follow-ups as well as producing e-mails with the correct attachments etc..

For more information on training or to request consultancy for business analysis to determine development changes required to TriSys please contact our office on 01223 393 519

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