Project Apex: Part 1

Today marks the start of a new series of blog posts featuring our new web browser product/service. This was previously referred to as 'project-x' because our developers often lack imagination ;-) After consulting marketing however, we have decided upon the project name of Apex. This reflects the fact that this product/services lives on top, or is at the summit of our underlying mountain of technology comprising cloud, desktop and mobile.

Project Apex will be a totally web browser and device independent recruitment application designed for both recruitment agencies and corporate recruitment departments. It will have functionality for both recruitment consultants, clients and candidates, and be delivered as a cloud based application underpinned with a plethora of ancilliary services such as e-mail synchronisation, e-marketing, CV parsing, job posting etc..

This blog series will document our progress and provide plenty of visuals as to how the product develops over time. We expect that the product will be available for alpha testing by selected customers in October 2012. To sign up to be an alpha/beta tester, please click here and send us your request.

OK, here goes... 

Started on the framework using some 3rd party internet tools. Quickly gave these up and started using our trusted Telerik and Devexpress toolkits for ASP.Net/Ajax. This is the first screenshot of the browser independent framework:

The framework is designed to look like our desktop version 10 product with a ribbon interface, navigation bar and scrollable content region.

Please check back in a few days to see further design and development progress.


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