How to Add Attributes To TriSys


This document gives instruction for how to add Categories and Attributes to the TriSys database. System Administration training is always recommended to totally understand how attributes are used throughout the system, this document is designed as a back up and reminder to those who have had the training.

Once you have decided upon the Attributes required for your system for Contacts, Companies, Requirements and Placements etc follow the steps below to add the required Category names and Attributes.

To add Attributes the user will have to have System Administration rights to the database.

Opening System Administration

Categories and Attributes are added through the System Administration Console, from Tools select Administration Console


From the System Administration Console select View and Attributes/Lookups


The left grid show the names of all pick lists within the system this covers both Attributes available to any records and lists associated with fields such as Status. Before a change is made to any of the Attributes or Look ups the user must understand the system and the implications of the change.

Where the Attribute is not assigned to a field (Field Lookup is False) they are available to any record type where you have an attribute field as shown below. This one is the contact field but there are similar fields on the company, requirements and placements etc.

There are a few exceptions to this rule ie: Job Title and Cost Codes which are discussed in System Administration training.

Once Add is selected a list of the Categories and Attributes will be displayed as below allowing the user to select one or more to be added to the record.

Adding A Category

To add a Category from the Attributes/Lookups in the Administration Console ensure that the focus is on the left hand grid by clicking on any name in the left hand list.

Select File and New


The following pop up will be displayed where the Category names is entered. In this case the Category is called ‘Suitable For’ once this is entered select ‘OK’.

The new Category will then be added to the left hand list of Category names as shown below without any Attributes.

Adding An attribute

First select the correct Category on the left in this case as above Suitable For is our category. Click on the right hand List‘Attributes’ and select File and New


The following pop up will be seen where you can see the Category that the Attribute is being added to and the name of the new Attribute can be added to the Name field in the example the Attribute is ‘Project Manager’.

Once the Attribute has been added click ‘Save’ and the Attribute will be seen in the right hand list.

Repeat to add all the required Attributes to the selected Category.

From a record the Attribute ‘Project Manager’ can now be selected and added to a record as shown below.

Attributes can then be selected within the search criteria of different searches to identify records that have been coded with a particular Attribute.

For further information on training offered by TriSys please click here 

Additional support documents are available by clicking here

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