Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft has previewed the next version of Microsoft Office (version 15 or 2013 as it will be known) and this has been documented by the BBC:

Microsoft also has a preview page at

Essentially, this latest version of office addresses two main areas:

  • Cloud computing
  • Touch

Office 2013 is going to work well with Microsoft's on-line services for example Azure and Office 365. Customers can use the web browser version of Office 365 to run Office on non-Microsoft operating systems such as iPad and Android tablets. Of course a Microsoft on-line account is necessary for this.

Office 2013 also has innovations to make it work well with the new touch interface in the forthcoming windows 8 tablets for both ARM and Intel processors.

TriSys will be evaluating Office 2013 in the coming weeks and will ensure that TriSys products remain compatible with Microsoft's flagship 'cash-cow' product, worth an estimated $22bn a year in revenue to Microsoft. In particular, TriSys ASP/remote desktop customers will be able to use Office 2013 in the cloud without requiring a Microsoft on-line account.



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