Moving To The Cloud Is Rewarding But Is Harder Than What You Think

With the Amazon conference coming to Cambridge :- 




where our very own CEO Garry Lowther with be presenting, we were reminiscing in support as to how things used to be and how things have changed and how far we have come over the past 3+ years since deciding to investigate and move to a cloud based environment.
To be honest it was not as easy as we first thought and we have had to change the way we think about cloud computing and find that in reality it is quite different and harder to implement as to what you generally read on the web.
We remember the days of terminal and email servers being down sometimes for hours on end and having to rely on remote hands whom we had no control over. Increasing costs was on the cards also, so to keep the costs down, and provide a better service we had to find an alternative solution where it put us back in the driving seat, and the Amazon Cloud was the provider of choice.
It has proved that moving our terminal servers and added services to the Cloud was the right decision and that we were the early adopters of Cloud based computing within the recruitment industry.

Although we are still reliant on a remote datacenter, Amazon have vast resources to ensure that their uptime is certainly the leader compared to other providers.

There have been outages though, (1) and we have had to reassess our failover strategy, but on the whole, we receive a better and more reliable service from Amazon, and we are more in control when things do go wrong.
We have also been investigating  and testing many other offerings that we can provide through the Amazon infrastructure, (Virtual Private Clouds, Virtual Private Networks, secure access to resources, multiple network deployment, automatic capacity planning, load balancing, scaling and monitoring. website traffic data, storage, databases) and much much more
Currently we are revamping our existing web site which will be designed to enable us to provide services via a Single Sign On Interface (SSO), means that we are well into the next phase of where we want to take our Cloud base infrastructure.

This is good news for our customers, as we will be able to provide more diverse offerings which may not be Recruitment focused, but will be beneficial to our existing customers as additions to existing services.

Combine this with our infrastructure, and the learning curve that we have had, we are well placed to advise companies on how to move to the Cloud, and how to avoid the many pitfalls, time constraints and costs involved in learning the best way to deploy in a Cloud based environment.

I read a very interesting article on the Cloud:-  Cloud computing is hard and takes a long time 

And we can relate to the article having come through this ourselves.

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to find out what the future holds for TriSys and what we have to offer to provide a even better service to our current and future customers.

If you’re a company that is considering moving to the cloud, why not give us a call to see how we can help make things easier for you to move. 

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