Flashback: Recruitment '94

Recently, a jealous competitor questioned TriSys' claim to be the worlds first windows based recruitment software, and therefore by implication our assertion that we lead the recruitment software industry in terms of innovation and direction.

A trawl of the TriSys archives has revealed the following brochure:


This is the glossy brochure from the Recruitment '94 exhibition at The Barbican in London.

This is TriSys' listing in this brochure advertising our windows recruitment software:


The show was a great success. TriSys was the only product demonstrated at the show to use a monitor with colour! Other products of the day ran traditional 'green screen' monitors which used 80x24 character based terminals and high price Unix servers.

What is amazing is both the sophistication of the first version of the software and the entry level price of recruitment software which, in 1994 was around £3,000 - a far cry from today, where TriSys Starter-Edition can be purchased for as little as £50 per user per month.

TriSys began developing its windows recruitment software in 1990 and gained its first customers in 1993. Following the Recruitment '94 exhibition, sales of TriSys rocketed as customers moved away from mainframe and minicomputers to a more PC centric client-server architecture.

Please click here to view the original brochure, or click here to view the history of login splash screens of all previous versions of TriSys.

Ah, happy days ;-)


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