Action Templates and Warmer Weather

Support calls slowed down a bit due to holidays, allowing us to catch up, do some housekeeping and investigate more imporvements to our infrastructure.

We are looking at new terminal servers using Windows 2008R2 technology, as this is a big improvement on Windows 2008 and solves some technical issues.

We have to upgrade our management servers also, so this is an ongoing project, and Domain Controllers and Desktops are already in test.



Action Templates
Action templates are an excellent way to automate e-mail and documentation to contacts.

Action templates pull in information from various places in the database to automatically fill in many details.

Action templates are excellent for targeted mailshots or general everyday mail.

 Used when running the E-mail and Direct Mail action, the system administrator can devise a set of templates to hold default text that the action uses.

When running the action the "source template" is selected by the user and can be output in various ways such as e-mail or .doc(x).

From this action the system administrator can add additional templates or edit the templates that already exist.

In addition to the text that is used to create the e-mail or word document the template can also hold defaults for the following:

  • Additional documents that are to be merged with database information and appended to the source template or in the case of
     e-mails created and either appended or attached to the e-mail.

  • Additional attachments not requiring merging. These can be in many different forms such as existing word documents, pdf files,
     excel spreadsheets or image files etc.

Training courses on how to create and manipulate templates are available from Trisys.

Please call us to discuss your requirements - 01223 393519


For further information on Action Templates see:- Action Template Setup

For other training courses please see:- Trisys Training Courses 

 You can find further helpful information at :-


Night Sky

Jupiter, Venus, Mars and saturn, mercury and Neptune are still visable in the evening but only just. Still enough time to get out from early evening to have a look.

With the time change and warmer weather, exploring the night sky is a little more pleasurable.

As well as the planets, there are also other galaxy and messier objects :-

 Seven Sisters (Pleiades)

 Orion Nebula

 Andromeda Galaxy

If your not sure of what is visable at any time, a good up to date website is here:- Planets To See In The Sky Tonight

You don't need a telescope, just a good pair of binoculars, and a clear sky.

Well this is all from me for now, pop back later if you get a mo. - - 01223 393519

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