Five top reasons why online software is beneficial for start-up companies

Five top reasons why online software is beneficial for start-up companies

When starting any new business no matter the industry or sector the start-up costs are key to everyone, this includes cost of IT hardware, software applications and accessibility of the information you use daily, and all this represents a financial hurdle for start-up’s or even established companies looking to move away from their current IT solutions.

If you’re a solo person company or multi-site/multi-lingual company you need a solution that will fit your existing needs along with allowing growth to be painless, especially on your pocket!

Using an online also known as ‘Cloud Computing’ business software you have the freedom of knowing your data is accessible no matter where you are.  This ‘Cloud’ solution is in essence classed as a subscription based service, usually on a per user per month model.  This could range from Hosted E-Mail Systems all the way to bespoke business software solutions, traditionally called Software as a Service (SaaS).

For a business application such as TriSys Starter Edition aimed at new start up recruitment agencies you’re investing in £50 per user per month.  At this cost for a 1 user system it allows access to Candidates, Clients, Vacancies, Diary and additional workflow process at the fraction of the cost of traditional locally installed application.  Locally installed application would require additional investment on IT Hardware/Software/Resource etc.. to manage; this is a cost a new start up wants to avoid.

Why go Online for your software you ask…

1. You don’t need to invest heavily in IT hardware/software

Cloud-based applications allow you to control your spend, there is no need to invest in costly IT hardware or worry about application upgrades as new versions are released, as these are included in the subscription model you choose. TriSys’ online solutions vary from £50 per user per month based for a Starter Edition; all the way to a full blown bespoke enterprise solution that will costs as low as £100 per user per month.   The subscription based models can vary from just a simple application that works with the software on your machine or a fully hosted desktop solution that includes all the applications used on a daily basis.

2. Usability and accessible anywhere

Storing business information online is as easy as saving it to your computer hard drive. The difference is that it can’t be “lost”. Online services constantly back up and your information on resilient backups along with disaster recovery locations.  These fundamental points allow anyone to have a peace of mind that the data is stored safely ‘Online’ and secure, rather than worrying about your data if your computer/tablet is stolen or catastrophic IT system failure.

All your business data would be stored and accessible no matter where you are or what device you’re utilising.  It’s your data and it should be available when you need it ‘On Demand’!!

3. Working with other people – no matter where they are

‘Cloud’ systems in general allow you to work with your team internally or externally, sharing information no matter where they are or at what time they are working.

Being able to access your data and provide your team with the same information is a must to any business, traditionally if you worked in a different location or was on the road accessing your data couldn’t be any easier with a ‘Cloud’ solution.  TriSys’ application allow your colleagues to be anywhere and have the ability to access the information they need, there and then rather than worrying if it was printed, e-mailed or faxed through.

4. All your information… All the time!  

Your information/data is very important to all businesses, if you can’t access it when it’s really required it puts a halt on your processes!  If the data is ‘Cloud’ based this solution will let you progress without any downtime, this is key for those important meetings!

All the information/data will be stored securely online, people within the organise will have different permissions allowing them to have more or less access to your data, if you have a new employee you can set them up to have very limited access, however Managers and Senior level personnel would have enhanced access/usability of the online system.  These security/functional features would be setup but the ‘Cloud’ provider and thus allowing you to have confidence once its setup it will ‘just work’, if changes are made based on those features the usual turnaround is minutes rather than hours/day when you may need to ask your IT Resource to make the changes.

As internet access is available on all mobile devices such as Tables/Laptops/Smartphones you would expect to have similar functionality that you have while at your desk.  When you access your data via any of these devices you know straight away its’ real-time and up-to-date!

5. As you grow, it grows

“Pay-as-you-go” cloud services are great for businesses that are keen on growing, with the PAYG service you’re only tied into a 28 day contract as you are only paying for the service period.  If you decide to add more people or functionality the costs scale.  You may have some people on the limited access version and others on the feature rich enhanced solution.  These solutions really work with you in growth phases.  With this in mind you will see the total cost up front rather than thinking about the additional over heads that you’ve done in the past.

The subscriptions are always very clear with the ‘Cloud’ products you choose, as easy to say “What you see in what you get”.  Online solutions in general are very transplant with costs.  If there are additional feature that are required they could be service driven that requires human input or automated solutions that requires additional setups.   Either way the prices are always clearly shown.  If in doubt always ask!

You’re in control….

Cloud solutions allow you to control the spend on all aspects of your business, as mentioned above e-mail is key to any business – if you’re down for 1 hour you have lost business, however investing in a great e-mail provider such as Google Business Apps or Microsoft Hosted Exchange you know they are HUGE players in the market they have full resilience and backup in case anything does go wrong.   Database, Applications and a plethora of other online solutions are available and can be purchased and setup within minutes!  As you can see what you’re buying you can control the overall spend!!  Adding services/features/users this can be done with a few changes to your subscription and in minutes too.

TriSys Business Software have been offering ‘Cloud’ based solution for 10 years, from simple application access to full blown hosted desktop environment and applications as your fingertips.  The ‘Cloud’ as a whole lets you grow your business as you see fit, not adding extra complexity or cost.  Empower your colleagues today and invest in ‘Cloud’ solutions and allow your business to grow!

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