TriSys Everywhere - The Economic Argument

I recently ran a poll on LinkedIn in which I asked all recruiters I know, including all TriSys customers, to choose how they prefer to access TriSys. The results are very interesting:

This poll proves that the TriSys windows desktop application delivered on a PC or via a secure remote desktop is favoured by 85% of TriSys customers.

These results however do not tell the full story.

Firstly, like all LinkedIn or social network polls, response is usually measured in dozens, rather than thousands which would be a much more representative sample size.

Secondly, we have not over-promoted our mobile or browser offerings to our customer base, rather we have relied on standard non-pushy sales and marketing techniques which our customers tend to prefer.

Finally, tablets are coming, together with a lot more smart phones. The latest research by IDC shows the following: 

Upon first glance it appears that smartphones are taking over the world, but it actually shows that PC and tablet sales are increasing over the next 4 years. Of course it also correctly predicts that most people on the planet will own a smart phone very soon.

The second chart shows this forecast from a different perspective: 


In this view, we see that it is laptop PC's in emerging markets which enjoy the greatest growth.

What does this mean for 'TriSys Everywhere'?

This latest research points the way to a more mobile, and global recruitment industry, whilst retaining the traditional PC and laptop, but augmenting this with many more mobile devices. TriSys will therefore continue to invest in R&D to supply recruiters with powerful, yet very accessible recruitment systems. By everywhere, we simply mean on every device in any location in the world.

Get ready for the future. Thanks for reading.


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