Calendars Part 4 and the Moon in HD

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Google Calendars
Following on with my 4 part how to add, share and access colleagues Calendars in Google, here is the last installment.
Part 4 - Sharing a Custom Calendar in Google Apps
Login to your calendar at<your domain name>
Select the gear symbol in the top right

Select “Calendar settings”

Select “Calendars”

Select the calendar you wish to share

Right click on the “ICAL” icon and select “Copy link address”

Email this URL to your colleague's

For further information on this see:- Sharing a Custom Calendar in Google Apps

You can find further helpful information at :-


The Moon In HD

The link below takes you to Take a close-up tour of the Moon as seen through the high-resolution video cameras of NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Old news but well worth a look.  

To tour the Moon in HD - Click Here


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