TriSys Product Portfolio/Roadmap 2012

I often get asked what our roadmap is for the coming twelve months, and the anwser is that it is pretty exciting. Unfortunately, the recruitment software market is ultra-competitive so I am limited in what I can divulge at this time.

What I can say is that we have accelerated the rate of adoption of the latest technology in the IT industry and are very much leading edge, if not bleeding edge on a couple of R&D projects.

To remind readers of our current shipping product/service portfolio, here is the list:

  • TriSys Version 10 Starter Edition

This is the latest addition to our portfolio and is a very comprehensive 'smart client' software which installs on any windows PC and connects to the cloud for all data/services. We have loads of videos, our own YouTube channel and you can also download the trial version today.

We will be releasing TriSys v10 Professional and Enterprise versions this year.

  • TriSys Version 8

This is our enterprise class recruitment product for agencies, comprising front, mid and back office business functionality to manage the entire recruitment business. TriSys is a feature-rich recruitment software database application which provides state-of-the art Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to recruitment professionals. TriSys delivers advanced searching, reporting, ease of use and sophisticated workflow to aid the orchestration of an efficient recruitment business. TriSys can be delivered either on-premise or on-demand.

  • TriSys ASP

TriSys ASP (Application Service Provider) is a fully functional 'TriSys Recruitment Desktop' centrally managed and securely delivered directly to your computer (or hotel, airport etc..) using a standard broadband internet connection. Please click here to view our global network hosted by our tier #1 partners: Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

  • TriSys Web

TriSys Web is a web browser interface to the TriSys recruitment database. It allows candidates to register, build and upload CV's, search for vacancies, apply for jobs on-line, maintain account details and enter timesheet details. Clients can add/maintain vacancies, search for candidates, maintain account details and authorise timesheets. Consultants can access the system to manage the entire recruitment process, even from mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

We will be releasing a new all-singing, all-dancing TriSys Web this year.

  • TriSys Mobile

Remote access to corporate information has become a necessity as workers become increasingly mobile. Candidates and clients now expect to be able to interact with recruitment consultants at any time and from any location. It is now a key business requirement for recruiters to be able to access all types of information whilst on the move. TriSys Mobile is the solution to this problem, and provides recruiters with a comprehensive suite of products and services to facilitate 'recruitment on the move'.

We will be releasing a new all-singing, all-dancing TriSys Mobile this year.

  • Project X

Rather unimaginatively titled (and nothing to do with what's on at the cinema today) internal code name for our top secret R&D project which will simply blow the minds of both customers, prospects and competitors. Developed in association with our offshore partners in Jordan, Belarus, Pakistan, Argentina and India, this revolutionary new product/service will provide something completely diferent to the global recruitment industry. We can't wait either! More later.

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Broadband Expert

Well, this TriSys had really gone into the market and in the world of internet. Let's see if it will surpass all the trials it will face to be on the top, meeting all the needs of the consumers.

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