Calendars Part 3 and an Amazing Night Sky

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Google Calendars
Following on with my 4 part how to add, share and access colleagues Calendars in Google, here is the next installment.
Part 3 - Accessing a Colleague’s Custom Calendar in Google Apps

Login to your calendar at<your domain name>

Your colleague will have sent you a URL highlight this and copy it
Login to your calendar at<your domain name>
Under “Other calendars” select the drop down arrow then select “Add by URL”
The calendar will appear under your “My calendars section”
It will also be available in Outlook

For further information on this see:- Accessing a Colleagues Custom Calendar in Google Apps
Yet To Come:-
Part 4 - Sharing a Custom Calendar in Google Apps
You can find further helpful information at :-
Amazing Night Sky :-
For the first time in over a decade, people can see five planets in the solar system with the naked eye over the course of one night.

As the Sun sets, Mecury appears on the horizon and the Moon, Jupiter and Venus will be the prominent lights in the sky. (Venus being the brigter of the two)

Later in the evening Mars will appear high above you in the constelation Leo and will be noticeably red even to the naked eye.

As Venus and jupiter sets at around 10pm, Saturn will rise in the east.

On Tuesday Venus and Jupiter will cross paths and should be an amazing event to see.

Well this is all from me for now, pop back later if you get a mo. - - 01223 393519

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