CRM Solutions in a ‘Nutshell’

After several discussions with clients over the past few weeks it is apparent that getting the most out of your CRM is very important and a lot of people put cost at the top of their list when deciding on a solution… However this shouldn’t be the case as Recruitment specific CRM solutions will streamline most/all the processes to get the most out of your business.

Many recruiters do not understand the benefits that a customer relationship management (CRM) system can bring.   CRM is much more about recruitment process than ‘contact management’.   For example a CRM is expected to store client and candidate contact information and do e-mail marketing, but recruitment CRM systems do so much more such as, sending CV’s, generating contract documentation, posting messages to twitter/facebook etc.. A recruitment CRM system should work in a way that is intuitive to a recruiter, and help with the overall recruitment workflow processes.   Recruiters who are thinking about implementing a CRM should be aware that generic ‘off the shelf’ CRM systems which are not recruitment industry specific will always fail to deliver a return on investment.   This is because they do not reflect or model the workflow/data/reporting etc.. desired by the recruitment industry and thus force recruiters to change their established and proven working practices to a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach. Recruitment agencies need to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and a flexible and fully configurable CRM recruitment system is essential to achieve this goal.

When investing in a recruitment CRM all points need to be taken into consideration, the key areas of interest are usually “how do I find contacts”, how do I add a job”, how do I search” these 3 questions are fundamentals of all CRM solutions that should be taken for granted,  however the other questions people should be asking “how does this CRM help me manage my clients”, “will the CRM automate the administration of laborious tasks”, “how flexible is the CRM to mould into our current processes”.  These few points are hardly asked during presentations and when you’re providing high level overviews these points are over looked, it’s not until you get into the “nitty-gritty” with the client before they see what your solution can do for them!!  As a whole when deciding on a solution don’t base it on the fact that the system is CHEAPER but base it on how it can work for you and make your processes even more streamlined and your productivity levels increase for you, your consultants and make sure these factors improve your client relations.

Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.

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