Calendars Part 2 and More Twitter Tips

What a week it was last week. 

Our internal Network Storage Server broke down and caused some dificulties in support, then just when we had it fixed, a few days later we had a total power outage in Cambridge which took all our servers down and offline.

I have blogged previously that we had improved our failover capability for our ASP network, and this put the technology to the test.

It Worked !!

All users using the TriSys Login Tool were completely unaffected by our outage, and were still able to login to their own desktops.

Our 99.99% network availability is in tact.

Phew ....



Google Calendars

Following on with my 4 part how to add, share and access colleagues Calendars in Google, here is the next installment.

Part 2 - Accessing a Colleagues Calendar in Google Apps

Login to your calendar at<your domain name>

Enter the colleague’s name in “Add a colleague’s name” box

The calendar will then appear under “My calendars”

This calendar will also appear in Outlook

For further information on this see:- Accessing a Colleagues Calendar in Google Apps


Yet To Come:-

Part 3 - Accessing a Colleagues Custom Calendar in Google Apps

Part 4 - Sharing a Custom Calendar in Google Apps


You can find further helpful information at :-


Found some more very good Twitter Tips :-

  • General Twitter Tips for starters - A must read for every beginner - Starters


Well this is all from me for now, pop back later if you get a mo. - - 01223 393519

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