Exciting Times for Technologists

'May you live in interesting times', or so legend has it, is supposedly an ancient chinese curse. Well, we in the software industry certainly live in interesting times. I believe though that we are not cursed, rather blessed. The opportunities for technologists have never been greater. Yes, we have a global recession, and yes, spending in some sectors (including recruitment) is down, but this is balanced by the growth and excitement surrounding new technology. 

So what is on the horizon?

On the mobile front, Google have just relased Android 4 - or Ice Cream Sandwich. This is available on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus - I have one and it certainly gives the iPhone a very decent run for its money. Having now used iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android, I'd give Apple and Google 9 out of 10 and Microsoft 8 out of 10. As for Blackberry/RIM, I couldn't possibly comment.

On the tablet front, many players are starting to ship Android tablets, including of course Amazon who have launched the Kindle Fire tablet in the USA. Apple will announce the iPad 3 on Wed 07 March 2012. I have an iPad version 1, and it certainly has found a place in my household, although it is not a serious business tool for content creation, but excellent for content consumption and research, although of course it doesn't support Flash so a lot of web movies and clips are not available. Rumours of Office for iPad are also surfacing although Microsoft is strenuously denying press reports.

On desktops, Microsoft Windows 8 is due in beta next week. We have had the technology preview for a number of months now and the new Metro interface borrowed from Windows Phone 7 is as user friendly as iOS, with a dual-mode of metro/desktop.

Microsoft is also releasing Visual Studio 11 or VS 2012 in the next few months and this promises to have a lot more tools to publish apps to Azure, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.

The TriSys roadmap takes all of these developments into consideration, and you can expect to see some really cool and exciting announcements from us in the coming months, so please stay tuned.

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