Weather, Infrastructure, And Wild Birds Galore

Hasn't the weather changed for February, snow and temperatures constantly below freezing, Brrrrrr.

Our infrastructure does not seem to be affected by the cold snap, as our uptime still meets 99.99% availability.

Helpdesk is busy also, as we work through our customers varied issues, and maintain our ASP infrastructure.

The decision to move customers to Single Desktops has been a proven success. 

We have seen a huge drop in performance related issues as each user's desktop is a complete Microsoft Desktop Environment that no one else has access to, and has its own allocated memory and processors.

We still have performance related issues reported, but this does seem (on the majority) to be local Internet line related.

You can test if your line is causing an issue by downloading out "Trace" program and using this when the performance slows.

We can then see from the output where the issue lies.

You can find the download with instructions here:- ""

Select "Trace Batch File"


We have issues being raised where the TriSys application has a "Switch To" error when trying to open a CV from a contact record.

The normal cause of this is that the TriSys application is trying to open a document which is "Read Only"

A document can be saved with a "Read Only" flag set, or the CV may already be opened by another user, and Microsoft Windows will place a temporary "Read Only" flag on the document.

Microsoft Windows places the actual option box BEHIND the TriSys application.

This is very annoying as users cannot get to the option box to tell Microsoft Windows to open the document anyway.

What you can do is use the "Show Desktop" icon that is on the "Start Bar" of Windows.

By selecting this button, all applications on the desktop will minimise.

Then by selecting the Minimised TriSys button will display the Windows option box and allow the user to open the document as "Read Only"

You can find further information on this issue here:- ""

I hope that helps a bit.


Did you know that February seemingly is the worst time for the bird population in the UK. Up till now, due to the warmer weather, birds have not been seen as much in back gardens as food has been plentiful elsewhere, but February should see them back foraging into gardens. Available water has been a problem for birds also as the drought keeps going.

Having wildlife in your back garden is great, and they help with the garden also.

You know the feeling when you step on a snail, :-(  Well, when I step an a snail, I don't get the spongy, gooey slime attached to the bottom of my boot, just a crunch of shell as the inside has already been eaten by the birds.

You can encourage all sorts of birds into your garden by providing different foods (Seeds, Nuts, and a Fat Compound) it doesn't cost a lot and is well worth it. Provide fresh water also for the birds to drink and clean themselves.

The fat compounds that you can buy ready done out of shops I find a bit expensive, so I have a recipe that does not cost a lot to make, and the birds love it. (In a recent survey I did, 9/10 birds preferred my recipe to the most expensive fat ball, and the one bird that did not like it was vegetarian and preferred my nuts!)

Here's My Bird Recipe:-

1 Jar Peanut Butter

6 Mugs Of Oats

1 1/2 Mugs Of Bird Seed

6 Blocks Of 250g Lard


Put in the Lard and heat until melted, add Peanut Butter and Bird Seed and mix together until Peanut Butter has melted.

Finally add the Oats and mix together. Put into a large container and allow to completely cool.

Fill bird feeders and hangers.


Well this is all from me for now, pop back later if you get a mo. - - 01223 393519

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