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Welcome all to TriSys’ Sales blogging!

It’s been a fair while since I’ve written an article due to being out of the fold for ½ a year caused by being involved in an RTA with a lorry… however since returning to TriSys I’ve noticed how the Cloud has changed the way everyone uses cloud technology in only a few months!!

As a highlight, what I’ve noticed to date is the following…


  • Everyone who’s running recruitment companies has a “Cloud” footprint in one shape or another
  • Most recruiters want to have access to their Clients and Candidates while on the move
  • 90% of all recruiters are using social networking to advertise, pitch and resource information

In a nutshell, everyone is using the “Cloud” (internet) way more than they used to 6, 12, 24, 36 months ago; making sure they aren’t just relying on their website, job boards or good old word of mouth.  The Cloud is constantly moving at rates quicker than everyone can see.  As soon as we think we’ve caught up, several new innovations are changing standard practices… not all for the better, however some really great concepts!

I’ll be updating my blog on all sales process and cloud innovations moving forward.

On a lighter note, we’re expecting more snow over the next few days in the UK; the best part about Cloud technology is we can work remotely if we’re stuck at home and no way into the office! :o)


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