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Hello everyone, my name is Joanne Parkin and I will be writing regular posts on the TriSys blog about recruitment.


I will cover a range of topical issues and welcome any feedback readers may have about the subject matter in question.


As it is the first month of the new year, here are the top 10 predictions in recruitment for 2012:

  • 2012 Will Be “The Year of the Mobile Platform”
  • Intense hiring competition will return in selected areas
  • Retention issues will increase dramatically
  • Social media increases its impact by becoming more data-driven
  • Remote work changes everything in talent management
  • The need for speed shifts the balance between development and recruiting
  • Employee referrals are coupled with social media
  • Employer branding returns
  • The candidate experience is finally getting the attention it deserves
  • Forward-looking metrics begin to dominate


 Next week, I will write about the AWR (agency worker regulations), so please subscribe to this blog.

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