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Hello Blog Readers,

I will be writing blogs based on our Infrastructure, Support Desk and the TriSys ASP Desktop.

Hopefully I can share with you an insight into what's happening within the Support Desk here at TriSys and pass on helpful hints and tips to help along the way.

We have a new corporate video filmed here in Cambridge which we like.

This will let you see some faces behind the voices.

(Be warned these are frightening images, don't let your children near them)

We also have a Support Website where you can find helpful documentation as well as Training and How-To's.


Did you know that you can autorec a CV from within the TriSys application?

You do not need to send an e-mail to yourself to be able to use the CV Autorecognition Feature!

Firstly, save the CV onto your TriSys drive. Go into the TriSys application and select "CV Autorecognition". Set the "CV Holding Folder" as the one where you put the CV on the TriSys drive. (The CV Folder should be preset (Normally G:\CVData)) You should see your CV within the CV Documents grid where you can highlight it and select "Process CV" and this will take you through the autorec process as you are used to.

Voila !! CV Autorecognition without the hassle of sending e-mails to yourself.

I have found that this is a time saver that some users are unaware of, so I hope that this helps a bit.

Well this is all from me for now, pop back later if you get a mo.

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Now everyone want to review on this topic as you shared with us, Thank you

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