The TriSys Cloud

As a recruitment agency, you have probably heard the term 'cloud' from technology people or indeed recruitment CRM salesmen?

I wrote an article published in Recruitment International in 2008 which pretty much forecast the state of cloud computing as we know it today.

The cloud in 2015 is an array of millions of server computers working together in a large data centre supplying data and processing to subscribers all over the world. The major business cloud suppliers are Amazon, Google and Microsoft, and they each have data centres here in Europe - their Dublin data centres serve the United Kingdom and Ireland. These vendors between them have invested literally hundreds of billions of dollars in building global cloud infrastructures supplying businesses offering the most popular web and mobile services such as entertainment, finance, logistics, manufacturing and of course recruitment.

TriSys has had its own cloud infrastructure since 2002 when our first ASP (application service provider) customers took advantage of a sophisticated remote recruitment desktop without having to install anything on their PC or purchase expensive servers.

Thirteen years later, the TriSys cloud has almost unlimited power and scalability, effectively scaling up and down during the day as our customers login and logout. Each customer has their own dedicated set of cloud resources, which they only pay for what they use through a monthly subscription. This is true on-demand cloud computing.

TriSys customers benefit from a powerful, highly functional and low cost recruiting platform which they can access 24x7 from anywhere in the world. Our support team provide world-class help to recruiters everywhere, and you can be sure that our account management and business analysis teams deliver highly bespoke and competitive edge to your recruitment busines.

As a recruitment agency, you can use our cloud by installing TriSys 2015, or running Apex in your browser/tablet/phone, or using TriSys for Websites to engage with clients and candidates, or program your own applications using our Web API.

See what recruiters are saying about TriSys, and please contact us where we can discuss how the TriSys cloud can transform your recruitment business.

One Month On

Last month, we announced the release of TriSys 2015 and TriSys Apex. One month later, we are delighted with the progress these products have made as they make their way into the wide world and begin the process of customer adoption.

A full history of the lead up to this month can be found here.

As a brief reminder, TriSys 2015 is effectively the eleventh major version of our flagship recruitment agency software application designed for Windows on-premise and on-demand cloud desktops with very tight integration with Microsoft Office and internet services. TriSys 2015 is designed for established recruitment agencies with sophisticated business processes and very large volumes of data. Our new TriSys Apex product is a fully on-demand cloud service which can be used from any web browser or mobile device. TriSys Apex is designed for startup recruitment agencies who require a cost effective, yet extremely powerful recruiting CRM.

We have been very busy pumping out information about these products - our twitter feeds are the best place to look: There are loads of images and screenshots on these feeds which concisely visualise our latest products and services.

Our new web site is also a great place to start to understand and sign-up for these new products and services.

To learn more and get your own highly personalised 30 minute remote demonstration of TriSys, please click here.

2015 Release Track

Today at mid-day, we launched the new version of our desktop recruitment, TriSys 2015. This will be our eleventh version of TriSys recruitment software which maintains our record of bringing a new version to market every two years since our debut at the Recruitment '94 exhibition. TriSys celebrated its 20th year in business last year.

TriSys 2015 is our most powerful software release to date, incorporating a fully 64-bit client-side application which can take advantage of massively multi-processor operating systems with very large memory. It is particularly suited to both public or private terminal server farms serving thousands of concurrent recruiters. TriSys can thus scale and perform in line with the expectations of larger, established recruitment agencies.

TriSys 2015 has also been successfully deployed to the new Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft due in the next few months.

TriSys 2015 will be gradually rolled out to our remote desktop cloud customers over the next few weeks, and existing smart-client customers will be supplied with easy-upgrade instructions during this same time frame.

TriSys 2015 is completely backwards compatible with version 10, allowing customers to run both versions side by side with a fully automated database migration elminating upgrade costs. TriSys 2015 is effectively a free upgrade for customers with a paid up annual support agreement or those on a monthly hosted plan.

Also launched today, is our new TriSys Apex cloud hosted recruitment system designed specifically for recruiters who wish to use their web browser or mobile device, to access their front-office recruitment database. TriSys Apex is a zero-footprint software application which runs on popular web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefix, Internet Explorer) on all operating systems (Windows, Mac OS/x, iOS, Android) which connects to TriSys cloud hosted back-end systems running at Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

TriSys Apex is specifically designed for startup recruitment agencies who wish to progress from manual or spreadsheet style recruiting processes to a more sophisticated and powerful on-line multi-user database accessible from anywhere, at any time. TriSys will manage and back up this database service for a fixed monthly fee of £45 per user. There are no setup costs.

TriSys Apex is available at immediately.

One Month to Go

If you have been reading our blogs for the last three years, you wll be aware that we have been very busy engineering our web and mobile recruitment products and services to complement our existing Windows desktop and internet hosted products and services. We have used our blog to communicate our progress to customers, and this blog post is a summary of this journey with respect to our forthcoming announcements on 30 June 2015.

We first hinted at things to come in our April 2008 article for Recruitment International entitled 'The Future of Business Computing. Our subsequent Feb 24 2012 blog post entitled 'Exciting Times for Technologists', was followed by our analysis and customer questionnaire blog of 30 March 2012 where we predicted future economics of the mobile web.

We first introduced project Apex in a blog on 13 August 2012 entitled 'Project Apex: Part 1'. This was followed by numerous blogs posts summarising the progress of project Apex:

We announced our plans for Version 10 in 19 December 2012: TriSys 10 Versions and Release Procedures

The first manifestation of a true internet recruitment product was supported by the 23 March 2013 blog 'Starter Edition is now Smart Client'.

Our second generation mobile recruitment system was previewed on 07 August 2013 'TriSys Mobile: Version 2.0'.

The roadmap for 2014 was announced on 23 December 2013: 'Q4 2013 and beyond'.

Based on customer feedback throughout 2013, we announced a redesign of our web/mobile products on 08 January 2014 'Project Apex in 2014'. This incorporated the new Web API which offers remote secure access to data from any device.

We re-iterated our vision on 16 April 2014 'All Things Web', and announced the new version of TriSys for Websites on 30 June 2014 entitled 'TriSys Web 2014' which utilised our cloud platform, Web API and Apex codebases.

On 30 January 2015, we announced TriSys 2015, and supplied links to all necessary products and services which are included. This was followed by the 27 February 2015 blog entitled 'Project Apex in 2015' in which we supplied screenshots of the forthcoming products for web and mobile.

On 31 March 2015, we announced our release schedule for both TriSys 2015 and Apex culminating in the 30 June 2015 release of our new web site, desktop, web and mobile recruitment software products and services.

We are now one month away from the completion of the journey summarised in this blog post.

Thank you to all our customers, partners and staff for your efforts in helping us achieve this very important milestone.




Thoughts on Smart Watches

Apple introduced their iWatch this month and Apple Luvvies are predicting mass shortages across the world. This is pure hype, don't believe it. We are a technology company and do not know a single person or company who has bought one.

The tech press love the concept of a smart watch and have been writing in general positive things about this. I did pop into the Apple store to take a test drive and it looks and feels nice, but would I buy one? No!

The reason I would not buy a smart watch from any vendor today is because of these reasons:

  • The watch is not independent - it needs to be tethered to your phone
  • There is nothing that important in my life that I need constant updates to my wrist watch
  • My fingers are man-size
  • I am not an Apple fan Boi - I prefer open systems, not closed and expensive proprietary tech
  • I already have a watch which I use to tell the time, for other stuff I have other devices
  • Battery life is going to be a problem
  • The price is higher than a good rolex

Sorry, but I think that smart watches are not here to stay en-mass and much like the recent demise of Sky 3D TV, is a passing fad I'm afraid.

If you have bought one, please drop me a line and let me know how you like it?

Onwards and Upwards

Our big news this month is that we are pre-announcing the formal release of our TriSys Apex and TriSys 2015 products on Tuesday 30th June 2015.

We have a new landing page designed as an introduction to the new Apex release and this will allow customers to sign-up and register their interest in using the service when it is launched.

In summary, TriSys 2015 is the next version of our Windows desktop and smart-client enterprise recruitment CRM (customer relationship management) system. Our current production version is 10 however from this year onwards, all releases will carry the year as the version number. Full details of this release can be found here. TriSys Apex is a completely new recruitment CRM product designed specifically for recruitment agencies using any type of device such as tablets and phones or desktop or laptop computers where the web browser or installed app is the preferred mechanism of accessing cloud data services. Full details of this release can be found here.

Our goals are to give our existing and new customers more choice of how to deploy and access their recruitment technology. From June 30th, you will be able to use TriSys on any of the following devices:

  • Desktop Computer/PC: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac O/S, Linux
  • Server: Windows 2003, 2008, 2012
  • Laptop: Chromebook, Windows, Mac O/S
  • Tablet: iPad (iOS), any Android tablet, Microsoft Surface or any Windows notebook, Apple Macbook (Pro+Air)
  • Phones: iPhone (iOS), any Android phone, Windows Phone 8+
  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Spartan, Opera

Existing V10 customers will also be able to upgrade to TriSys 2015 or Apex at no additional cost i.e. these additional software capabilities are available free of charge for existing customers. You will also be able to use both V10, 2015 and Apex at the same time, choosing the most appropriate app for your current device.

Whether you are an on-premise (you host your own IT infrastructure) or an on-demand (we host your IT systems in the cloud) recruiter, TriSys supplies or will supply, a truly cross-platform suite of recruitment CRM apps which you can use on any of your devices wherever you are located.

Our web site will also be completely revamped on 30th June so please come back and visit on this date.

Project Apex in 2015

The TriSys Apex initiative was conceived in order to 'Webify Everything' at TriSys.

It has been a massive R&D project resulting in our production ready Web API and TriSys for Websites, plus a host of additional products and services in development.

The current focus of the Apex team comprising many developers from around the world, is preparing our new web site, web browser and mobile products for release together with our new TriSys 2015 desktop product in Q2 2015.

We are excited to be able to share with you a selection of screen shots from both popular web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer), tablets and phones:

TriSys Apex 2015 is truly ground-breaking and will have functionality specifically designed for todays recruiter.

We will be announcing the availability of this product/service in our March 2015 newsletter on 31st March 2015. In order to get access, please follow us on twitter or subscribe to our newsletter.

Announcing TriSys 2015

We are delighted to pre-announce our forthcoming release of TriSys expected in Q2 2015. This will be our eleventh version of TriSys recruitment software which maintains our record of bringing a new version to market every two years since our debut at the Recruitment '94 exhibition.

Due to the rapidly increasing rate of innovation in the technology sector, and the TriSys applications' ability to self-update, we will also be moving to a more frequent release cycle. This will allow us to push business critical enhancements to our customers, greatly enhancing their capacity to supply great service to their clients and candidates.

Many new features will be added to TriSys which build upon the innovations we have progressively built into our current version 10 including our new Web API, SDK, mobile toolkits, TriSys for web sites, document library, image/photo capture, booking sheet, internationalisation and many more.

Expect to see major new enhancements designed to take advantage of the increasing power of both desktop and mobile devices, a new range of add-ins, tighter integration with social media and job board ecosystems. You can also directly import data from your legacy recruitment software directly into TriSys, saving you time and money.

TriSys 2015 will be completely backwards compatible with our current version allowing customers to run both versions side by side with a fully automated database migration elminating upgrade costs.

Microsoft will release Windows 10 this year and we already have TriSys running on a beta version of this platform, but wish to ensure that TriSys 2015 is optimised for all supported windows versions 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2008, 2012.

Further details and access to pre-release versions will be made available to selected customers in the coming months.

You can get started today by installing the free trial of our current version 10.

Don't Let Technology Eat Your Time and Rule Your Life

As we arrive at the festive season, and we are all thinking less about work and more about friends and family, and perhaps those less fortunate than ourselves, please give a little thought to what I am about to say.

Simply ask yourself how much time you have spent in 2014 watching on-line video, texting, listening to music, taking selfies, snap-chatting, playing games, reading tweets, discussing random irrelevances on facebook, composing pointless e-mails, chasing dead leads on LinkedIn, downloading apps on your phone, learning stuff you didn't need to know (and now cannot remember any of it anyway), and probably a whole load of other 'time-sink' activities which did not actually help your effectiveness either from a business perspective, or even socially.

Did you just 'exist' during these wasted hours - I'm guessing it is more than hours - probably days if not weeks of lost time which you could have spent doing or planning something either more enjoyable or more constructive.

If this point of view resonates with you, then don't be alarmed. You have been a victim of 'techno-gobble' where technological gadgets increasingly gobble up your time and fool your brain into thinking it is busy, whilst what is actually happening is that you are becoming (or have become) addicted to being a modern 21st century consumer.

21st century consumers are now spending more time on-line than their parents generation watched TV, often twice as much or more. The previous TV-obsessed 'couch-potato' generation were often criticised for wasting their own lives by watching other people live theirs. This is so true of many 21st century consumers, although the content is more varied, faster moving and arguably more interesting, often interactive, with so much more choice.

There are health issues here too. Sitting at a desk during work time, and then sitting somewhere else in leisure time consuming content, is also going to impact your health, even if you don't sucumb to the habit of grazing whilst you consume, play or share content.

Do not let this situation get worse. Restrict your social technology and entertainment activities to a specified number of minutes per hour, or hours per day. Allocate time - your precious time - to achieving what you want to achieve in life by being pro-active, not re-active to whatever trends seem to be popular with your friends or colleagues or the media.

They used to say that being good at snooker was a sign of a mis-spent youth. In other words, dedicating 10,000 hours of practice at the expense of an education was acceptable to certain sportsmen who had 'a gift'. 

Think about the potential 10,000 hours you may lose by letting technology consume your time and attention. Could you not put those hours to good use and excel at something in life, which you enjoy, for which you and your friends and family will be really proud someday?

Don't succumb to wasting time being an entertainment obsessed consumer; spend your time creating or being part of something you enjoy which will make you proud of using your valuable time wisely.

Web App Development IDE

Visual Studio 2013 is not very clever when used to open a web site containing our Apex single page application HTML, CSS, JSON, Javascript etc.. It seems to try and launch a 'localhost' type of environment and because our source code files are cloud hosted, this takes minutes to just even load the project. Then it periodically just hangs momentarily even editing simple files.

What's a dev to do? Well, I looked at alternative IDE's (integrated development environments) to test the market. This article is recommended reading as it highlights alternative IDE's such as Netbeans, Eclipse, Komodo, Notepad++ and WebStorm. They all are very good and in many cases superior to VS, however there is one aspect which turned out to be critical. This is that we still use Visual Source Safe (VSS) internally. Although this has been superceded by Team Foundation Server at Microsoft, we have so much code in VSS tied to automated build scripts, and do not think that TFS will not add further complications to our control and build processes. For a small ISV, why spend extra cash fixing what already works?

Visual Studio 2013 defaults to TFS, however we were able to change that and point at VSS for seamless source code check-in/out and diff analysis. No other IDE seems to support VSS. Maybe I am missing something, but no google help on this.

So, we wanted a straight single page application (SPA) which does not rely upon ASP.Net, C# or VB.Net or the .Net Framework. Unfortunately VS 2013 does not provide such a simple project. We had to settle on an empty ASP.Net project and then drag in all our existing code folders which works recursively thank heavens, and then set the index.html as the start page.

So now we have an ASP.Net web application which does not need or use ASP.Net. This is a drag, but not a major problem. What about debugging support? So we ran it and got an error where IIS 8 complained about .json files. Although we set the .json mime type in IIS manager, it seems VS2013 ignores that and requires a web.config change. Luckily the solution was documented here.

Running our SPA application using Internet Explorer as the default browser now allows full debugging of the project javascript (JS), without having to use the browser integrated debuggers. This is another major benefit of using VS2013. Interestingly, no JS debugging is available when using alternative default browsers when running the debugger. You can even edit-and-continue, but of course also have to refresh your browser to accept source code changes.

We also get full intellisense on our javascript object hierarchies which helps Apex developers fully utilise the framework.

We will now be able to utilise separate worldwide teams to develop Apex using a single IDE with an integrated source code control system, javascript framework intellisense and debugging which promotes a more structured approach for QA and rollout allowing greater scalability in our development efforts.